Buffing Kit by Tracie Sudesh

Tracie Sudesh Exhibits The Autopokets Buffing Kit

Tracie Sudesh, the project leader of the award winning work Buffing Kit by Tracie Sudesh illustrates, This auto buffing kit keeps cleaning cloths, sponges and chamois organized in a compact tri-fold bag. The silicone closing system can also functio <Cropped>

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Mixed-Use Building:capital Tower by Collaborative Architects + Partners

Collaborative Architects + Partners Designs The Capital Tower Mixed-Use Building

Collaborative Architects + Partners, the author of the highlighted design Mixed-Use Building by Collaborative Architects + Partners says, A mix of uses - residential, offices and retails - creates an iconic building. The form of the tower was deter <Cropped>

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Award Winning Nissan Calendar 2013 Calendar

E-Graphics Communications Illustrates The Nissan Calendar 2013 Calendar

E-graphics communications, the thinktank behind the awarded design E-graphics communications's NISSAN Calendar 2013 Calendar points out, Every year Nissan produces a calendar under the theme of its brand tagline “Excitement unlike any other” <Cropped>

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Exhibition Design:humour Business by Pink Blue Black & Orange

Pink Blue Black & Orange Exhibits The Humour Business Exhibition Design

Pink Blue Black & Orange, the maker of the displayed work Pink Blue Black & Orange's Humour Business Exhibition Design says, The exhibition portrayed the creative power of humour that moves people through time by capturing people’s hea <Cropped>

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2644 Red Rice by 1983asia

1983asia Illustrates The 2644 Red Rice Package Design

1983ASIA, the creator of the award winning work 2644 Red Rice - Package design by 1983ASIA points out, 2644 RED RICE is traditional highland grain specie, growing on basin near Lugu Lake with the altitude of 2644 m and it is necessary for Mosuo for <Cropped>

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The Large Residence and The Open Terrace-Interior Design of Residence by Yi-Cheng Chi-Da Huan Design

Yi-Cheng Chi-Da Huan Design Shows The The Large Residence and The Open Terrace Interior Design of Residence

Yi-Cheng Chi - Da Huan Design, the creator of the highlighted work Yi-Cheng Chi - Da Huan Design's The Large Residence and the Open Terrace Interior Design Of Residence demonstrates, The design, which introduces daylight from three sides of the <Cropped>

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Plunger/Brush/Magazine Rack:leloo by Curtis Micklish

Curtis Micklish Designs The Leloo Plunger/Brush/Magazine Rack

Curtis Micklish, the project leader of the awarded design Award Winning LeLoo Plunger/Brush/Magazine Rack spells out, LeLoo creates a new way of looking at your bathroom and some of its essential pieces, revealing a home for the unpleasant plunger &a <Cropped>

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Restaurant by Arnav Mathur

Arnav Mathur Illustrates The Enroot Restaurant

Arnav Mathur, the lead designer of the awarded work Enroot - Restaurant by Arnav Mathur illustrates, Sitting amidst sprawling green surroundings and celebrating the grains, textures and unevenness inherent of its constituent materials, the space ca <Cropped>

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Csaba Tölgyesy's Listorm-Liquid Storage Armband Liquid Storage Bracelet

Csaba Tölgyesy Designs The Listorm-Liquid Storage Armband Liquid Storage Bracelet

Csaba Tölgyesy, the project leader of the highlighted work Liquid storage bracelet by Csaba Tölgyesy points out, LISTORM is a unique bracelet, which can contain about 2,4-deciliter liquid, that you can drink anytime. It will be a new and practica <Cropped>

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Design Object by Kairo Kusamoto

Kairo Kusamoto Spotlights The Kime Old Vase Design Object

Kairo Kusamoto, the designer of the awarded design design object:Kime Old Vase by Kairo Kusamoto explains, The Kime Old Vase intended for the author to see the experiences of the author dying the time to death and the traces of that fact. He defined <Cropped>

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